Not only FASTEST, but also SAFEST.

GALLIUM WAX products, e.g. GIGA SPEED Powder, Maxfluor Liquids, Hybrid HF and Kassoh LF, NEVER contains PFOA (a.k.a. C8).
We are producing fast and strong wax products without relying on PFOA or C8. We successfully removed this material without any performance degradation in 2011 that was many years before it is banned.
International Ski Federation have decided to ban the use of fluorine wax and fluorine-containing paraffin wax (HF and LF) at their races.
In the background, there is a misconception that "fluorine is bad for the environment and the human body."
In fact, fluorine itself is a safe material, as you can find many toothpastes or pans contains fluorine.
The fluorine compounds called PFOA or C8 would be affecting the environment and the human body.
PFOA and related materials were added to REACH list (list of prohibited chemicals by European Chemical Agency) in 2017. As a result, using PFOA or C8 to any product will be prohibited from 2020.
PFOA has high water repellency, so wax manufacturer can create a fast and strong wax easily by mixing it into wax.
GALLIUM have been producing PFOA free wax because we believe that skiing and snowboarding must not be a threat to the environment and health.
So please feel free to use GALLIUM WAX for your speed and health.


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